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Cultivating a highly qualified scientific and technical workforce can take years. With a large percentage of the nation’s current scientific minds nearing retirement, workforce studies show that filling the pipeline with workers who are able to compete in the international global science, technical and research arenas has never been more critical.

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Grooming future leaders in science and technology requires enhancing the skills, knowledge and experience of workers early in their careers. To that end, ORAU assists in connecting the best and most diverse students, recent graduates, faculty and professionals with world-class fellowships, internships and jobs, whether in national laboratories, research institutions, federal government offices or private sector R&D departments.

ORAU has been providing STEM talent staffing solutions and designing, managing, and evaluating jobs and internships for more than 70 years. We have developed programs for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Army Research Laboratory and many others, and have demonstrated their success through comprehensive program evaluations

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    STEM Workforce Solutions

    Whether you are a job seeker, agency sponsor or employer, ORAU offers a wide range of opportunities and solutions for students, STEM talent, or other scientific support personnel.

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  • ORAU STEM Program Evaluator

    Workforce Program Evaluations

    Ensuring a continuous flow of talent through fellowships, internships and other programs takes many resources. How do you know if the investment is paying off? Through workforce program evaluations, ORAU can help you determine short and long-term impacts of your efforts and where you need to adjust.

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    Labor Trends & Workforce Studies 

    When you need to know impacts of the important trends in the labor market, ORAU provides the data and analysis that is key to determining the effects on your industry and workforce.

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What our employee participants are saying...

“I will be moving to pursue my Master's in Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. I am completely convinced that this all would have been impossible without the experience that I have had at EPA.”
-Kory W, Employee Participant 2015-17

“On our project, we worked with other scientists… who had a more public health-based approach to our project. I really enjoyed seeing how the two came together.”
-Corine W, Employee Participant, 2016-17

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    App software developers are fastest growing, highest paid and most available jobs in the country

    App software developers are among the fastest growing STEM careers in the country. They are also among the highest paid STEM workers, and have the most available jobs than almost any other career choice. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies this as a bright outlook occupation, which means they predict employment will grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2024.

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    Labor trends report spotlights higher education health physics enrollments and degrees

    One of our most significant labor trends analyses has been tracking enrollments and degrees awarded in health physics for DOE and other federal agencies for more than 50 years. The report includes enrollment information on undergraduate students and graduate students and information by degree level for post-graduation plans.

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Our Experts

David Duncan

David Duncan, Ph.D.

Expertise: Dr. Duncan oversees ORAU's Scientific Assessment and Workforce Development programs. In this role, Duncan manages a wide spectrum of internship, fellowship and research experience programs to recruit and manage appointments for scientific talent to strengthen the federal STEM workforce. He also directs programs that, through rigorous peer review, help the U.S. government make informed funding decisions for scientific research and development investments.

He previously served as an adjunct faculty member for the University of Tennessee environmental health graduate program and is a Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Dr. Duncan holds a doctorate in educational psychology and research from the University of Tennessee.

Dawn King

Dawn King, M.S.

Expertise: Human resources, talent acquisition, recruitment, teambuilding, business development, networking, coaching, employee engagement, training and development, performance management, leadership development, and employee retention

King has more than 15 years of Human Resources professional experience with a Master's of Science focused in Human Resources Management/Personnel Administration, from the University of Tennessee. She has a demonstrated history of working with both the private and government administration industry and is highly skilled in accessing the human capital needs of an organization and implementing an effective recruitment strategy to fulfill these needs.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson, Ph.D.

Expertise: Economics of specialized labor markets, regional economic growth and development

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