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Working with Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) means you have a partner who is committed to your safety, whether you are an employee, a business partner, a local subcontractor or research participant. We operate under the principles and functions of the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) system that calls for analyzing each component of our work activities and placing accountability for safety at every level from front-line office workers and maintenance crew all the way to the CEO’s office.

ORAU’s commitment to safety requires each individual to make safety first, every job, every time. Each of our employees demonstrates this commitment to promote an uncompromising safety by: 

  • Maintaining a “safety first” mindset both on- and off-the-job.
  • Prioritizing their personal safety and the safety of those around them.
  • Challenging anyone—at any level—who is not being safe and accept the same challenge from those individuals.
  • Identifying, correcting or reporting any and all unsafe conditions.
  • Becoming familiar with and abiding by ORAU safety policies and procedures, including required training.
  • Never taking shortcuts at the expense of safety.
  • Being totally committed to safety excellence.


Impact Areas

Safety is a part of everything we do at ORAU

Running a safe operation is not just something that ORAU management strives to do. It’s a foundational part of our culture and every employee is responsible for putting safety first in each part of the job. This means systematically defining the scope of all work and its hazards, analyzing the hazards, developing and implementing hazard controls, performing work within controls, and providing feedback for continuous improvement.

ORAU site safety rep conducting a workplace inspection