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Spread through infected mosquitos, the Zika virus causes mild or nonexistent symptoms in humans and can cause severe fetal defects in pregnant women if contracted.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provisional data, 311 Zika cases were reported in the U.S. in 2017, including 217 cases in Florida’s Miami-Dade County. As cases of Zika were reported, health departments in Florida sampled community members within a 150-meter radius of confirmed cases, creating the first systematic assessment of asymptomatic Zika virus cases ever performed.

Following this assessment, the Florida Department of Health asked ORAU to develop a peer review process to evaluate and recommend funding for additional Zika-related research projects. ORAU responded by providing the Department of Health with an efficient, virtual peer review process that included a system to accept proposals and an administrative review of proposals by international subject matter experts.

In three months, half the time a typical peer review is routinely executed, ORAU evaluated 81 research proposals, from which seven grants were awarded on topics such as support for a Zika vaccine, innovative diagnostic testing and therapeutics, and treatment options for children and adults. ORAU will continue to work with the Florida Department of Health over the next three years as annual progress on the projects is evaluated.

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PeerNet – Proposal Evaluation Management System

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While many peer review management systems exist, only ORAU’s PeerNet was built by peer review professionals based on decades of real-world experience and thousands of pieces of customer feedback. PeerNet has served as the online peer review management tool for more than 1,100 reviews, the results of which have never been successfully challenged or disputed for quality or validity.

With each system update, PeerNet has introduced new features designed to further streamline and improve the review process, such as an easy-to-use reviewer interface for the secure exchange of documents and information and a proposal collection module that helps organize all documents associated with each review.

While PeerNet specializes in traditional peer review, it has the flexibility to assist with all kinds of reviews and evaluations. Contact us today to learn about how PeerNet can meet the needs of your upcoming review.

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