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Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) is committed to acquiring and retaining critical skills and talents and to maintaining a work environment that values an inclusive workforce, treats all employees with dignity and respect, and facilitates a highly creative, productive work environment.


ORAU defines diversity as “all the ways in which we differ” with the goal to be accepting of the differences of all people regardless of race, religion, gender, social status, education, economic position or anything else that makes us different from our peers. It is our priority to provide an inclusive culture that values differences and promotes opportunities for all employees. Through our Diversity Council, ORAU offers educational programs, events and activities to promote a work environment that not only understands but embraces diversity.

To achieve greater diversity awareness, we have established three central objectives:

  1. Maintain a workforce that is knowledgeable of, understands, and respects individual differences by employing proactive measures to ensure employment and personnel actions are reflective of our diversity principles.
  2. Educate the workforce on diversity and the advantages of a diverse workforce by offering diversity training, educational programs, and awareness events and celebrations.
  3. Infuse diversity into our corporate DNA by integrating diversity principles into applicable policies, business processes, and practices to the point that diversity initiatives become a fundamentally natural process.

ORAU’s success in these efforts includes:

  • Workforce diversity: Expanded recruitment methods to continually increase the percentage of minorities and women in professional and management positions.
  • Education partnerships: Accomplished significant minority and female participation in science education programs and facilitated research and education collaborations in emerging technologies.
  • Subcontracting: Achieved success in exceeding subcontracting goals with small businesses.
  • Community outreach: Contributed funds and employee time to local schools and community organizations.

Human Resources distinctions

  • 2019 Best of the Best Employer by Black EOE Journal
  • 2019 Best of the Best Employer by HISPANIC Network Magazine
  • 2019 Best of the Best Employer by U.S. Veterans Magazine
  • 2019 Top Entry Employer by
  • 2017 East Tennessee Wellness Roundtable Gold Award for exemplifying excellence in work-site wellness
  • 2017 Valued and Appreciated Partner Award from Anderson County Health Department for ORAU commitment to new mother accommodations 
ORAU employees in meeting

Success is defined by aligning our diversity efforts with our business objectives

It is our priority to provide an inclusive culture that values differences and promotes opportunities for all employees.