About CISD

The Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (CISD) conducts research in a variety of disciplines relevant to achieving and implementing the so-called digital battlefield. Problems address the sensing, distribution, analysis, and display of information in the modern battle space. CISD research focuses on four major areas: communications, atmospheric modeling, battlefield visualization, and computing as described below.

Research is conducted to enhance the performance of existing battle space communications and to develop new concepts for communications and information distribution. Current interests focus on wireless digital communications in an integrated architecture, multimedia communications, the technology of information distribution, peer-to-peer mobile ad-hoc networking, network science, and information assurance.

Research is conducted to improve our understanding of the atmosphere and its critical relationship to the performance of Army Systems; to create physically correct models that support the generation of realistic scenes of targets, terrain environments, cultural features, and battle damage; and to impact standards and protocols of the international modeling and simulation community. We are especially interested in physics-based models, three-dimensional visualization, and environmental and atmospheric modeling.

Research is conducted to provide the Army the technologies for information processing and presentation in the battle space, and for use of information to control systems and hardware used in land warfare. We are also interested in intelligent systems, battle space visualization, soldier-centered computer interfaces (HCI), advanced display technologies, tactical decision aids, software engineering, and data base technologies.

Research is conducted to provide the Army the technologies enabling a user-friendly synthetic environment in which all operation and support functions will be conducted with help from intelligent systems. We are also interested in advanced distributed simulation, software and intelligent systems, and high-performance computing. High-performance computing research involves developing numerical modeling techniques to achieve highly optimized, multidisciplinary physical modeling on scalable computer architectures.


Adelphi, Maryland
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Directorate Program Representative

Mr. Luis Hernandez
Computational and Information Sciences Directorate
DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory

Email: luis.hernandez2.civ@mail.mil

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