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2017 Participants

The Oak Ridge Robotics Academy participants include four instructors and 26 students from Tennessee. The Oak Ridge Robotics Academy participants are distributed into teams and we do our best to mix things up, so team members generally do not know each other initially. Within-team friendships become established over the one-week experience.

First Name Last Name Position
Tad Douce Director
Edwin Goodwin Assistant Director
Kayla Canario Assistant Instructor
Stacey Murray Assistant Instructor
Yash Agnihotri Christopher Matchett
Anshra Ajaz Lucas Meyers
Angus Barber Virginia (Ginny) Morris
Anjalee Bean Christina O'Mary
Aidan Brown Marton Peintler Krivan
Cole Brown Andrea Range
Sean Carroll Carter Rejman
Jacob Collins Julia Richardson
Tyler Duckworth Xan Ridenour
Abigail Ellis Hannah Tharrington
Roxanne Farahi Landon Walker
Darun (Andrew) Lawson Elijah Williams
Abigail Liu Emma Xiao