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Daily Robotics Academy Activities

Day One

  • What is a Robot?
  • Creating an Engineers Notebook
  • Sketching
  • Build the Base
  • Engineering Challenge: Build your first robot

Day Two

  • Questions of the Day
  • Create a Robot Map
  • Writing Your First Problem
  • Make your robot solve a maze
  • ORNL Tours
  • Building/Testing Continues
  • Engineering Challenge: Make your robot solve a maze

Day Three

  • Questions of the Day
  • Sensor Concepts
    • Add a Push Button Start
    • Use a Light Sensor to follow a line
    • Use a Timer to follow a line for a set amount of time
  • Learn Programming
  • Sensor Concepts
  • How does binary work?
  • Build a Robot
  • Engineering Challenge: Modify your robot to pick up a ball

Day Four

  • Questions of the Day
  • Build a New Robot
  • Program your robot to pick up a ball
  • Learn the Challenge
  • Engineering Challenge

Day Five

  • Questions of the Day
  • Complete Design, Assembly, and Programming for Robots
  • The Oak Ridge Challenge Competition
  • Open House


In addition to the robotics activities, each day will include an Engineering Challenge that will encourage the students to work with a partner to solve a problem in a creative way. This builds problem solving and critical thinking skills required in today’s world.