LEED Checklist

LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability—or effectiveness in reducing resource consumption and environmental impacts—in the United States and in many other countries around the world.  By attaining this high standard, a building project demonstrates that it has earned the right to be called “green,” the term commonly understood to refer to a facility that is truly optimal for the health and well-being of occupants and the protection of the environment.

U.S. Green Building Council committees, each composed of a diverse group of practitioners and experts representing a cross-section of the building and construction industry, have developed the LEED ratings systems through an open, rigorous, consensus-based process that follows USGBC policies and procedures guiding the development and maintenance of rating systems. The type of building project determines which rating system is applied.

For the Center for Science Education (CSE) building project, the applicable rating system is LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations. The standards set through the system are designed to guide and distinguish high-performance commercial and institutional projects, including office buildings, high-rise residential buildings, government buildings, recreational facilities, manufacturing plants and laboratories.

The CSE building project used a checklist provided by the USGBC to track its progress in earning LEED certification points. The checklist criteria pertain to five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. The number of points achieved determines certification level—from the basic LEED certified to the higher echelons of LEED Silver, LEED Gold or LEED Platinum. The USGBC “LEED for New Construction” checklist reflects the standards the CSE met for LEED certification. The CSE building earned 41 documented and approved credits to become LEED Gold. The credit range for certification level Gold under the LEED for New Construction category is 39-51.

Sustainable Sites
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 14 9
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Required Required
Site Selection 1 1
Development Density & Community Connectivity 1 1
Brownfield Redevelopment 1  
Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation 1  
Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms 1 1
Alternative Transportation, Low-Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicles 1  
Alternative Transportation, Parking Capacity 1 1
Site Development, Protect or Restore Habitat 1  
Site Development, Maximize Open Space 1 1
Stormwater Design, Quantity Control 1 1
Stormwater Design, Quality Control 1 1
Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof 1  
Heat Island Effect, Roof 1 1
Light Pollution Reduction 1 1
Water Efficiency
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 5 2
Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50% 1  
Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable Use or No Irrigation 1  
Innovative Wastewater Technologies 1  
Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction 1 1
Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction 1 1
Energy & Atmosphere
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 17 7
Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems Required Required
Minimum Energy Performance Required Required
Fundamental Refrigerant Management Required Required
Optimize Energy Performance    
10.5% New Buildings/3.5% Existing Building Renovations 1  
14% New Buildings/7% Existing Building Renovations 2  
17.5% New Buildings/10.5% Existing Building Renovations 3  
21% New Buildings/14% Existing Building Renovations 4 4
24.5% New Buildings/17.5% Existing Building Renovations 5  
28% New Buildings/21% Existing Building Renovations 6  
31.5% New Buildings/24.5% Existing Building Renovations 7  
35% New Buildings/28% Existing Building Renovations 8  
38.5% New Buildings/31.5% Existing Building Renovations 9  
42% New Buildings/35% Existing Building Renovations 10  
On-Site Renewable Energy    
2.5% Renewable Energy 1  
7.5% Renewable Energy 2  
12.5% Renewable Energy 3  
Enhanced Commissioning 1  
Enhanced Refrigerant Management 1 1
Measurement & Verification 1 1
Green Power 1 1
Materials & Resources
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 13 6
Storage & Collection of Recyclables Required Required
Building Reuse, Maintain 75% of Existing Walls, Floors & Roof 1  
Building Reuse, Maintain 95% of Existing Walls, Floors & Roof 1  
Buildind Reuse, Maintain 50% of Interior Non-Structural Elements 1  
Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% from Disposal 1 1
Construction Waste Management, Divert 75% from Disposal 1  
Materials Reuse, 5% 1  
Materials Reuse, 10% 1  
Recycled Content, 10% (post-consumer + 1/2 pre-consumer) 1 1
Recycled Content, 20% (post-consumer + 1/2 pre-consumer) 1 1
Regional Materials, 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured 1 1
Regional Materials, 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured 1 1
Rapidly Renewable Materials 1  
Certified Wood 1 1
Indoor Environmental Quality
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 15 12
Minimum IAQ Performance Required Required
Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control Required Required
Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring 1 1
Increased Ventilation 1  
Construction IAQ Management Plan, During Construction 1 1
Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy 1 1
Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants 1 1
Low-Emitting Materials, Paints & Coatings 1 1
Low-Emitting Materials, Carpet Systems 1 1
Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood & Agrifiber Products 1 1
Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control 1 1
Controllability of Systems, Lighting 1 1
Controllability of Systems, Thermal Comfort 1  
Thermal Comfort, Design 1 1
Thermal Comfort, Verification 1 1
Daylight & Views, Daylight 75% of Spaces 1  
Daylight & Views, Views for 90% of Spaces 1 1
Innovation & Design Process
Description Points Possible Points Earned
Total 5 5
Innovation in Design: Open Space 1 1
Innovation in Design: Education 1 1
Innovation in Design: Regional Materials 1 1
Innovation in Design: Certified Wood 1 1
LEED Accredited Professional 1 1

The USGBC “LEED for New Construction” checklist reflects the LEED standards the CSE met. The CSE building project attained LEED gold certification.

Download a detailed copy of the
LEED checklist (PDF)