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When Exercise Builder Nuclear (EBN) was first discussed as a concept in the spring of 2012, Don Hanlon, ORAU EBN project manager, did not fully realize the extent to which the platform would come to support national nuclear security. Today, EBN supports more than 53% of the nuclear industry with its nuclear security drills and exercises and is being offered in web and mobile app formats.

EBN is an online platform used by emergency preparedness managers in the nuclear power industry to manage the many drills and exercises required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to prepare plants to meet any type of threat.

Exercises and drills are performed on an eight-year cycle in order to cover all situational tests. One of the many benefits of EBN is its ability to store current and historical exercise and drill data in one place.

The once web-only platform is now available as a mobile app to even better meet the needs of Hanlon’s customers. In fact, the app is something his customers asked for at a user meeting Hanlon holds with them every January.

“During an exercise, managers carry tablets with them,” Hanlon said. “Our customers expressed a need for a mobile interface that would make it easier to access EBN while they are conducting exercises and eliminate the reliance on paper manuals.

An alpha version of the app, developed in-house by ORAU’s IT department, was tested in the spring and summer of 2019. A more robust beta version was rolled out to a select group of customers in the fall of 2019 for additional testing. The results of the beta tests and discussion of additional capabilities will be the focus of Hanlon’s January 2020 meeting with his customers.

Helping his customers fulfill a key part of their work is important to Hanlon.

“These emergency preparedness professionals are intensely dedicated to their mission of protecting their workers, the public, and the environment,” he said. “It is really rewarding to help make it significantly easier to do their jobs. That’s what fires me up every day.”

Advantages of using Exercise Builder Nuclear™

Watch a short video (1:31) introducing some of the advantages of using Exercise Builder Nuclear™. If you have trouble viewing the video on this page, you can also watch it here: Exercise Builder Nuclear™ video.

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