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From 2008-2015, ORAU in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthcare Preparedness and Response Team (formerly known as the Healthcare Preparedness Activity, HPA), conducted a series of community workshops aimed at improving healthcare responses during a pandemic or other public health emergency.

These collaborative community efforts brought together representatives from healthcare agencies and organizations, public health departments, emergency management agencies, and community support organizations to focus on healthcare surge in frontier, rural, and urban settings.

During these workshops, ORAU and CDC-HPA observed that many communities' resources were limited during a public health emergency. Moreover, ORAU and CDC-HPA observed that many of these communities had not coordinated among organizations not previously involved in preparedness planning. In particular, many communities had not identified resources in non-healthcare related organizations that may be able to support a response, such as schools, faith-based organizations, and businesses.

These community engagements helped identify pressing healthcare preparedness planning needs at the local level and subsequently informed the collaborative development of several preparedness resources. The co-developed resources are listed below, organized by setting.


Healthcare Systems

Pediatric Offices and Hospitals

Emergency Responders

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