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Hands-On Math with Desmos

Target Audience: K-12th Grade Teachers

The Desmos activity builder is a fantastic online tool for teachers to create formative assessments and exploratory activities. Within Desmos, students can manipulate graphs, tables, and equations, and they can complete self-checking activities that give them immediate feedback.

This workshop will equip teachers with the knowledge of how to access and edit existing activities, as well as how to build new ones from scratch. It will also focus on specific tools within Desmos, such as anonymous naming and teacher pacing, that help these activities flow smoothly in a classroom setting.

This workshop is designed specifically for math teachers whose students have access to computers; however, it could also be extended to the science classroom.

Impact Areas

Virtual workshop details

Stay tuned for workshop dates in the summer of 2024.

Virtual workshop details

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Maria Rhodes

Maria Rhodes is a high school math teacher in Chattanooga, TN where she currently teaches Algebra II and AP Calculus BC. She holds degrees in mathematics and French from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville as well as a minor in education through the VolsTeach program there. Maria believes that math education is essential for students both in its practicality and in its ability to foster curiosity, wonder, and critical reasoning skills. Maria is passionate about seeking out the best tools and resources to cultivate mathematical literacy and promote active learning among her students. 

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