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Research Services

ORAU information scientists provide just in time research capabilities for projects and proposals of every size.

Sometimes Google just isn’t enough.

Although the Web contains countless terabytes of information, internet search engines are only as good as the searcher’s ability to use them. And sometimes your work and schedule demands don’t allow time for a thorough search of all the information you need.

Before the advent of internet search engines, the library reference desk provided a human touch for research, and librarians helped guide patrons to the right resources and tools to find the information they needed. Although artificial intelligence and search algorithms have made massive leaps in recent years, the human intelligence required to understand where to search, how to search and what tools to use is still of enormous value.

ORAU’s team of researchers and information scientists bring many decades of experience to your research problem, and can conduct research on your behalf that gets to the real need behind the request and compiles the right information from the right sources.

What we do

ORAU’s information scientists perform the following functions:

  • Woman in a computer lab

    We specialize in these data collection activities:

    • Database searches
    • Web searches
    • Expert interviews
    • Knowledge management
    • Print and electronic Information organization
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Research reports and curated alerts
  • Laptop computer used for research

    Examples of research needs we can meet:

    • Comprehensive lists of past and present experts in more than 100 subject areas
    • Scientific and technical writing geared toward a specific subject
    • Historical data on funding awardees by major foundations
    • Single topic data mining, including all recent and ongoing mentions in news sources and academic journals

Why choose ORAU?

  • Information scientists with decades of experience in using online databases and traditional reference tools
  • Access to the latest and best historical data sources
  • An understanding of diverse markets and academic disciplines
  • 30+ combined years of qualitative/quantitative research and science and technical writing

Our Experts

Jim Malone

Jim Malone, Ph.D.

Expertise: Science communication and data sharing practices among scientists, information science, communication research

  • Dissertation: “Data Sharing Practices and Attitudes of Scientists in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries,” 2019, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • More than 20 years of library and information science experience
  • More than six years of subject matter expert identification and recruitment
  • International scientific support as University Librarian (Director), American University of Afghanistan, Kabul and the Weill Cornell Medical Library - Qatar
  • Adjunct faculty at Roane State Community College
  • Instructor, College of Communication and Information, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • Co-author: “Data Management in Astrobiology: Challenges and Opportunities for an Interdisciplinary Community
Ann Gonzalez, J.D.

Ann Gonzalez, J.D.

Expertise: Subject matter expert recruitment, literature searching, writing/editing, project leadership, recruitment process management, information science, museum studies, intellectual property

Gonzalez uses her diverse knowledge base to rise to each unique and challenging project she comes across. She is an expert project lead, experienced subject matter expert recruiter, and versatile information scientist. She remains interested in a broad spectrum of subjects, including her first academic interest, museum studies.


  • Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Paper Presentation: “Health & Wellness Programs in the Workplace: The Role of Medical Librarians in Displaying the Value of NLM  Resources and Services” (October 2013)
  • John F. Kennedy University Museum Studies Program Guest lecture: “Rights & Reproductions in the Museum” (March 2008)
  • International Registrars Symposium 2 Panelist: "The Registrar's Guide to IP: Tactics and Templates for  Managing Copyright" (November 2007)
Nathan Murray, M.A.

Nathan Murray, M.A.

Expertise: Economic theory, data collection and analysis (econometrics); academic expertise in the following areas of economics: public finance, political economy, microeconomics, environmental economics, monetary economics, macroeconomics, game theory, experimental and behavioral economics

Murray is an economist with a focus on political science. His fields of specialization are public finance, environmental economics, behavioral/experimental economics, and industrial organization. He leverages his experience as a strategic business and intelligence analyst to perform business development functions. He is also skilled in the area of subject matter expert recruitment


  • "Tennessee," State-by-State Property Tax at a Glance. June 2015. Significant Features of the Property Tax. Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and George Washington Institute of Public Policy.
  • "The Future of Transportation Finance: Options for Sustaining Mobility." February 2009. UT Center for Business and Economic Research, and UT Center for Transportation Research.

Contact us

For information about ORAU’s research services, contact Jim Malone at 865.576.2027 or