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Capacity Building in STEM Education Evaluation

A coalition of partners (including ORAU, the American Evaluation Association's STEM Topical Interest Group, and the Google- and NCWIT-originated CS Impact Network) are building a suite of resources, and a community of practice, to address critical needs in the evaluation of STEM education and workforce development initiatives.

We will provide evaluation planning resources, professional development, education, tools, and mentoring, all within a community of practice for STEM evaluation. A central feature of our efforts is an ever-expanding online repository of STEM evaluation resources. This searchable database includes a broad range of resources, such as high-quality instruments, surveys and protocols for conducting STEM program evaluation.

Our efforts are based on an inclusive, broad, and open definition of STEM education and of evaluation within that field. Any contribution is welcome that is related to any field of evaluating education, training and workforce development in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics.

We define STEM as broadly as possible to encompass computer science, social sciences, health, applied mathematics and sciences, and more. We include educational contexts ranging from integrative STEM education through an interdisciplinary lens, to STEAM (STEM + arts), to efforts focused completely on a sub-field within STEM. We're open to STEM education initiatives in various settings, from medical education to STEM museum learning to computer science/coding activities for youth.

Researcher conducting program assessment on laptop

What we do

Evaluation repository
An interface for searching, sorting, filtering, and displaying listings related to the evaluation of STEM education and workforce development initiatives.

Developing a hub for evaluation capacity building
A one-stop home and community of practice, for professionals working across the fields of education and evaluation.

STEM Repository origins

Collaborative work around STEM and computer science program evaluation capacity building began with conversations in a group of CS-focused evaluators led by Google and NCWIT. A parallel effort began in 2012 at the American Evaluation Association annual meeting, and was continued by the AEA STEM Education Topical Interest Group.

Today, these efforts have evolved into robust, active consortia of accomplished evaluators across the country. The resulting CS Impact Network currently has 56 volunteer members, including representatives from 49 organizations and agencies, spanning universities, nonprofits, global for-profit companies and small evaluation firms.

ORAU also continues to build and support relationships in the broader STEM evaluation community and through the American Evaluation Association.

  • Corporate Stakeholders

    • Google
    • Salesforce

    Colleges & Universities

    • Arizona State University
    • Bucks County Community College (Computer Consortium President)
    • Claremont Graduate University
    • Harvard University
    • New York University
    • Purdue University
    • Rochester Institute of Technology School of Government - Evidence and Evaluation Hub at ANZSOG
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Colorado, Boulder
    • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    • University of Colorado-Denver
    • Vanderbilt University
    • Yale University

    Evaluation Firms

    Burdseye View Eval Consulting; Education Development Center; Education Design Consultants; Eval Consulting; Fetterman & Associates; Haynie Research and Evaluation; Kaminsky Consulting; Kapor Center; Meaningful Evidence; RSP Research (formerly & U Washington); SageFox; SRI International; The Findings Group; Westat

    Government Agencies

    NSF (CSONIC project); YMCA


    Better Evaluation; Child Trends; CSNYC; National Girls Collaborative Project/CS OPEN project; NCWIT/K12 Alliance; Oak Ridge Associated Universities

    Professional Associations

    American Evaluation Association STEM Topical Interest Group; Informal; Innovation Center - St. Vrain Valley Schools; Institute for Advanced Studies; Institute for Biomedical Philosophy; Society of Women Engineers

Our Experts

Erin Burr

Erin Burr, Ph.D.

Expertise: STEM workforce development and education evaluation in K-20 settings, strategic needs assessment in national laboratories and laboratory systems, impact evaluations/long-term follow-up studies, measurement of evaluation use and influence, applied experimental psychology

Burr has more than 15 years of experience designing, managing, and directing research and evaluation studies in STEM education and workforce development. She specializes in evaluating portfolios of STEM workforce development programs (research participation programs) at national laboratories, the experience and needs of supercomputer users and interdisciplinary programs in higher education. She has experience evaluating national and international, single- and multi-site STEM-focused programs and works with multiple federal agencies, universities and private organizations.

Ann Martin

Ann M. Martin, Ph.D.

Expertise: STEM education evaluation in K-16 and informal settings, social network analysis, collaboration and partnership evaluation, mixed-methods evaluation, meta-evaluation, and community and repository development

Martin has over 10 years of experience in the design, coordination, and evaluation of STEM education, outreach, and workforce development programs, and has an academic research background in astronomy and space sciences. She has evaluated programs as an internal and an external evaluator for multiple federal agencies. She has served in various roles on the executive board of the American Evaluation Association’s STEM Education and Workforce Development interest group since 2013, and is currently the incoming chair.

Kimberle Kelly

Kimberle Kelly, Ph.D.

Expertise: STEM education and workforce development evaluation from cradle to career, mixed methods research and evaluation, clinical and cognitive neuroscience, underrepresented groups in STEM

Kelly has more than 25 years of experience managing and directing research and evaluation outcome studies in education and mental health. As an expert in STEM education initiatives from cradle to career, she has worked in strategic partnerships to develop, fund, execute, advise and evaluate programs designed to promote a diverse and highly skilled national STEM workforce. Kelly’s academic background is in clinical and cognitive neuroscience, and she has presented her research at multiple national and international conferences. She is a founding member of the American Evaluation Association’s STEM Education and Workforce Development group and is currently the chair of the executive board.

Contact us

For information about ORAU’s involvement with the STEM Evaluation Repository, contact Ann Martin at 607.296.5698 or