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Evaluation Repository

A prototype repository is currently being populated with a range of resources that include:

  • introductory resources to evaluation planning, STEM evaluation, and CS evaluation
  • reports and deliverables
  • evaluation tools (instruments, measures, scales, protocols)
  • other existing repositories and databases relevant to STEM education evaluation
  • existing communities, professional groups, or mailing lists for evaluators.

By working across a large consortium of STEM evaluators, we’ve developed an initial repository with unique features, including connections to other large-scale repositories such as, PEAR, and Better Evaluation. Below, we provide access to this searchable repository of tools, as well as an opportunity for you to submit a resource that would be useful to other STEM education evaluators.

Building on our current efforts, ORAU plans to build and maintain a Stage 2 repository - more robust, easily searchable, and linked to other sites and resources. ORAU is planning to populate this repository with additional curated resources.

View the Repository Collection

Our repository aims to consolidate new knowledge from STEM and CS evaluation practitioners, while also identifying and linking to existing repositories to avoid duplication of effort. We hope this crowdsourced and curated collection of resources will increase access to and awareness of relevant evaluation resources.

Enter a Resource

If you would like to add an item to the repository, please provide information on your resource. The entry form is embedded below. We welcome resources that you or your organization have created, or resources that you've used and would like to recommend.  Please feel free to share this page with your colleagues and networks, so we can build a strong foundation of useful resources.


Once resources are entered, they are reviewed by a member of ORAU or the CS Impact Network, and appear within the collection in no more than 30 days. Having problems? Have questions? Please contact Ann Martin.

Contact us

For information about ORAU’s involvement with the STEM Evaluation Repository, contact Ann Martin at 607.296.5698 or