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Peer-reviewed Publications and Citations

ORAU researchers author a variety of peer-reviewed publications covering diverse topics ranging from STEM workforce trends to radiation exposure and worker health issues.

The lists below spotlights some of our work (ORAU researchers names are in bold):

  • disaster-rural.jpg

    Developing computer simulations to improve disaster planning in rural communities

    Envisioning disaster planning and its influence on disaster management as a complex system-of-systems will allow researchers at ORAU and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop computer simulations to improve disaster planning in rural communities.

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  • flu-vr-full-size.jpg

    Could immersive virtual reality provide a path to increased flu vaccination rates?

    Imagine you are in a restaurant enjoying a quiet dinner with friends when someone sneezes, spreading the influenza virus to the people around him. That’s the beginning of an immersive virtual reality simulation that shows how flu spreads and impacts the health of other people. Researchers at ORAU and the University of Georgia hope such simulations will encourage more people to get a flu vaccine.

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