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Meet our Recruiters

  • Michelle Goodson

    Michelle Goodson

    Goodson leads a recruitment and human resources team that supports the EPA Student Services contract. Goodson is a member of numerous teams that oversee project management, talent management and retention, and process improvements. She is an expert on full-cycle recruitment, metrics and application development, and is a Senior Certified Professional of the Society for Human Resource Management. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration.

  • Amanda Hurley

    Amanda Hurley

    Hurley is an ORAU project manager, recruiter and subject matter expert for recruiting trends and technology. Previously, she worked for, where she recruited top talent and developed retention strategies for companies across the United States. Hurley has a background in recruitment, marketing, sales and organizational communication. As an ORAU project manager, she recruits for and manages the relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Research and Development Office.

  • Brian Rose

    Brian Rose

    Rose has 15+ years of professional recruiting experience. He recruits candidates for a variety of ORAU opportunities and develops sourcing and retention strategies. Prior to joining ORAU, Rose identified top talent for global organizations in the areas of finance, information technology, operations and human resources. He has extensive knowledge of full lifecycle recruitment, marketing and sales.

  • Karen Cleveland

    Karen Cleveland

    Cleveland brings project management expertise and communication strengths to the highly competitive field of recruiting. Her recruiting success is built on matching hundreds of job seekers with pivotal career opportunities, and then working closely with the candidate through the recruitment and onboarding cycles. Karen is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

  • Krystle Wagemann

    Krystle Wagemann

    Wagemann has 10+ years of experience in higher education. She has experience developing relationships with universities and organizations to increase student participation in research. She has worked in Career Services offices, planning career fairs, creating unique recruiting events and creating awareness of opportunities for students before and after graduation.

  • Larry Voorhees

    DeAnna Copeland

    Copeland is an experienced program support professional and recruiter. She has nine years of experience supporting large student research participation and employment programs for various federal agencies. In her current role, Copeland supports the EPA Student Services Contract through recruiting and administrative activities.

  • Brittny Hartsell

    Brittny Hartsell

    Hartsell has over 13 years of customer service experience. As a recruiting specialist, she identifies candidates for various ORAU programs, including the EPA Student Services Contract, and supports the onboarding process. Before joining ORAU, Hartsell recruited and executed retention programs for a global staffing agency.

  • Emily Issacs

    Emily Issacs

    Isaacs is a recruiting specialist with expertise in communications, social media marketing, and virtual event management. Her current role involves identifying candidates for a variety of ORAU programs, developing social media content, and coordinating virtual event content.

  • Larry Voorhees

    Larry Voorhees

    Voorhees has more than 30 years of experience in leadership and project management. As an employee of ORAU, Voorhees served as the director of the NASA Postdoctoral Program from 2005-09. After retiring in 2010, Voorhees has continued to serve ORAU as a subcontractor, providing recruitment support for the NASA Postdoctoral Program and the Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Program.

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