Do I need authorization to rent a car?

How do I get authorization?

  • Domestic and Foreign travel: Justification must be requested on the Travel Authorization Request (TAR) in the Travel Management System (TMS) and approved in advance of your travel
  • Relocation: Offer letter

What size car rental does ORAU reimburse? What are the exceptions?

  • Free upgrade
  • Transporting equipment
  • More than one ORAU-supported traveler in the car
  • Medical reasons (with a physician’s letter and approved by ORAU Occupational Health)
  • Size and height of the traveler (approved by travelers manager on each TAR)

Does ORAU have agreements with any car rental companies?

Note: ORAU’s contracted travel agency, ISS Travel Services, must reserve the car in order to take advantage of our corporate rates with Enterprise and National.

Who is responsibile for verifying and approving the rates, car size, and any additional charges when car is picked up at the rental car agency?
It is the traveler’s responsibility.

Should I purchase insurance? What are the exceptions?
NO. Travelers must use the Enterprise/National agreement unless neither Enterprise nor National has a location at the airport or other pickup site. The rental rates of the Enterprise and National agreements include insurance coverage for those renting automobiles under the agreements.

If you are not renting from Enterprise/National, you should understand that ORAU’s automobile insurance only covers ORAU participants and, like most business policies, is secondary to your personal automobile coverage. If renting from another provider, the purchase of any additional insurance will not be reimbursed. However, travelers who use a personal credit card that does not provide rental car insurance, who pay cash for the rental vehicle, or who do not have personal automobile insurance may want to buy the additional insurance, especially if the vehicle is to be used on a personal basis.

Insurance may be purchased at the rental car counter of a rental car company other than Enterprise or National and reimbursed by ORAU when:

  1. Travel is to a foreign country, including Canada and Mexico. (National Car Rental provides insurance in some foreign countries).
  2. The renter does not have private automobile coverage.
  3. The traveler is a foreign national who is required by the rental agency to purchase insurance at the rental counter. Insurance should not be required by Enterprise or National Car Rental.

If I have an ORAU-issued travel card, must I use my travel card to pay for the rental car?
YES. The ORAU travel card provides additional insurance coverage, as well as Secondary Personal Effects coverage for theft of or damage to such effects.

Which insurance should I purchase when I travel to a foreign country (including Canada and Mexico)?

  • Collision damage waiver (CDW)
  • Loss damage waiver (LDW)
  • Supplemental liability protection (SLP)

What do I do if I am involved in an accident?

  • Request names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons involved, including any witnesses; obtain name of legal owner of vehicle.
  • Do not admit liability or make any statement except to police officers.
  • Report the accident to local police.
  • Research participants and peer reviewers are not required to notify ES&H; however, they must promptly notify their ORAU program contact.

What should I use as proof of insurance?

  • Personal Insurance information
  • Letter from Enterprise/National (insert link)

Will ORAU provide reimbursement for fines, parking tickets, traffic violations, etc.?
NO. All ORAU-sponsored travelers must comply with all traffic laws and parking regulations. Fines, parking tickets, traffic violations, etc., will not be reimbursed and are the responsibility of the traveler in whose name the vehicle is rented.

Who can drive a rental car?
It is the responsibility of the traveler in whose name the vehicle is rented to determine the requirements of the rental agency at the time the vehicle is picked up and to control the use of the vehicle. Individuals who are not listed as authorized drivers with the rental agency should not drive the vehicle.